When requested, and before the order is accepted, we produce a graphical sample of the item you request with your logo on, which will then be signed off by you.

Unfortunately nothing will commence until you are totally happy and secure with your order.

Please ensure that we have all the information required to ensure your logo or message is reproduced to the highest standard.

If you have a branding document that would be great but otherwise please let us know any specific pantone colours or fonts being used. When placing your order we will redesign your logo for you to ensure that it is in the correct format and quality for reproduction. This service is free and includes 2 changes to your logo. This will be completely and fully dependant on the item at hand, and logo type required.

Should you require more there is a small fee of R350 (ex VAT) per hour.

Once the work is complete and you should you wish to receive this original design of your logo, redrawn by us, We are happy to supply this to you at a cost of R500 (ex VAT)   File formats : CDR file (Corel Draw ) and PDF file are preferred. Adobe Illustrator vector artwork is accepted, remember to save as an EPS or AI file and to convert all text to curves. For all 4-color process printing orders we will also consider JPEG art with a minimum of 300 DPI resolution.  If you are unsure of any of the for mentioned requirements and artwork required, please feel free to pop us a mailer or call our offices for some advice and assistance.

Once an order is placed, we provide you with artwork on positioning of your logo on the actual product, and this needs to be signed off before we go ahead with the actual branding. We are currently able to offer you the below services all in-house, saving you on time and cost!

Definitions of various branding options:


Inked image is transferred from a photo-etched plate to a thick, soft silicone pad. The pad is then pressed against the object. One color is done at a time, but registration between colors is so accurate it allows up to four-colour process printing, depending on the size of the print area. Post-curing is aided by the use of heating tunnels.

Products suitable for pad printing is: plastic pens, rulers, plastic coasters, plastic clocks, key rings, etc.


A screen is made up of a metal frame with a fine gauze tightly stretched over it. The gauze is covered with a light-sensitive coating, into which the logo is burned. Ink is pushed through the screen by a squeegee and only transfers where the logo was burned. Products suitable for Screen printing: T-Shirts, caps, shopping bags, sports bags, conference bags, picnic bags, drawstring bags, bandannas, etc.